Rockville MD client

“I was not expecting my spouse to end our marriage, and I had not begun to overcome the initial shock by the time [my spouse] already had an adversarial settlement proposed prepared. … It was clear from my phone consultation with Carolyn Finney that his office offered something completely different. If a conventional attorney’s goal is to shift power and entitlement as far as possible to their own client, a mediator’s goal is to balance it as equitably as possible between both clients. In my mediation, my family was the client; not myself alone. … The most valuable outcome of my mediation with Carolyn and John is the certainty that my ex and I have to be able to co-parent our child without resentment or animosity towards each other. … In my mediation, my ex and I were able to work with John and Carolyn together. They brought a combination of legal expertise, sensitivity to the needs of a family, and focus on our long term happiness that must be extremely rare. Thank you, John and Carolyn, for steering my family in the right direction.”