Bethesda MD client

“When I first chose John, it was because he came highly recommended. I used him for my divorce and I was so happy with the results, that when I later remarried, I used him again for the prenuptial agreement. I found John to be calm, focused, and diligent in keeping us on course. … Mediation helped my ex-husband and me to maintain calm and communicate throughout a difficult time our lives. Because we learned some healthy communication tools in mediation, a new way of communicating with one another if you will, we were able to carry those skills into co-parenting with our two children. … For the pre-nup, mediation was so helpful in getting my fiancé and me to talk about very important issues in a structured environment. If we hadn’t discussed some of these more difficult topics, I do not believe we would have set the groundwork that we needed to embark upon a healthy marriage.”