Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C, therapist and director of Sequence Counseling and Consulting Services

“The Mediation Office of John Spiegel is the place our practice refers couples who need help navigating the conflicts and details of a separation in ways that leave everyone respected, heard and able to move forward in the healthiest way. Experienced mediators, they listen like therapists and asks questions that direct conversations towards substance, encouraging reflection and effective decisions. Ethical and fair, their work helps families adapt and change through the divorce process, not shatter.”

Elizabeth J. Weisberg, attorney

“John Spiegel and Donna Duquette are mediators of exceptional skill, applying decades of experience in helping couples to find solutions that address the concerns of both parties and meet anticipated needs moving forward. Donna and John’s deep knowledge of the law, patience, insight, and skill in dealing with even the strongest of personalities in stressful circumstances, enable them to help clients articulate underlying interests and reach creative, mutually-agreeable settlement agreements.”

Nancy Kline, excerpted from her book More Time to Think (Fisher King Publishing 2009)

“[John Spiegel and Donna Duquette] are two people I know who make peace every day. They help separating and divorcing couples talk to each other. Out of the talk, understanding emerges. And out of the understanding, lives heal. … Progress happens when clients are thinking for themselves well. Thinking is not the first word that comes to mind when you consider conflict. Thinking usually, in fact, makes a quick exit when the battles begin. Anger stays in the room. Resentment stays. Old pain and mistrust take the big chairs. But the thinking is long gone. And it is thinking that is needed most. But mediators don’t always know how to produce it. In that way, John and Donna are pioneers in this field.”