How can you find the best divorce mediator for you?

When choosing a divorce mediator, here is a list of questions you might ask, along with our answers:

“What percentage of your practice is devoted to divorce mediation? How long have you been mediating?”
While most Maryland mediators have a part-time mediation practice combined with another profession, we’re full-time family and divorce mediators. This is not a side-line for us. John offers 25 years of divorce mediation experience.

“Can you draft our legal agreement?”
As a licensed attorney in Maryland and DC, John can draft the legal agreement that results from your mediation if you are a Maryland or DC resident.

“What type of training do you have in mediation?”
Don’t get confused: mediation is a separate profession from law, not an adjunct profession. Divorce mediation requires knowledge about both family law and conflict resolution, and an extensive skill set that includes working productively with intense emotions under stressful circumstances, listening and supporting people’s good thinking, and empowering informed decision-making. Mediation is not a licensed profession in Maryland, and many mediators have had minimal training. John has taken many mediation courses and receives continuing education each year. We are leaders in the Maryland mediation community and have presented professional workshops nationally and regionally.

“As a mediator, what are the important goals and principles for your mediation process?”
It’s important to us to help each of you make informed decisions that will provide a soft landing for each family member, and to have a setting where you feel comfortable speaking your mind. See ABOUT US and our MISSION STATEMENT. This question can be particularly important to help you find the best divorce mediator for your family.

“How do you react to strong emotions in the mediation?”
Intense emotions are a common aspect of many divorce mediations. After all, this involves your marriage, your children, your finances, and your dreams and goals for your life. We encourage you to show up as you are, without pretense, and we’ll help you express the fear, grief, or upset in a productive manner.