Why Choose Mediation?

You make the decisions. You are the expert on your family, your hopes, and your fears. We provide guidance and structure, and we will help you make informed decisions, but we will not pressure you.

You will be heard. You matter, and your ideas matter. We listen deeply and provide an environment where you can do your best thinking and communicate your ideas effectively.

Divorce mediation works. Most divorcing couples who mediate at our office resolve all essential issues. Research shows that people who mediate are more likely to be satisfied with their decisions and less likely to challenge the decisions in court, as compared with litigated decisions.

Decisions are informed. We will guide you through the topics, provide information (including legal information) as appropriate, organize sharing of documents, and educate you on common options. We highlight your hopes and concerns, and help you problem-solve, so you can make lasting decisions with confidence. Other professionals can also be involved in the mediation if needed.

Your children deserve peaceful homes. We want you to be able to look forward to graduations, dance recitals, sport events, and weddings — without awkwardness or anxiety. According to a 12-year research study, children and the co-parenting relationship benefit when parents mediate. More on research.

Our goal is an elegant solution, not compromise. Mediation encourages creativity and solutions designed for your family’s specific needs. Courts are limited in the solutions they can provide.

You can save time and money. Divorce mediation costs significantly less and takes far less time than litigation, attorney negotiation, or collaborative law. More on cost comparisons and minimizing costs.

Divorce Mediation Causes Less Emotional Wear and Tear. Separation and divorce tends to be an emotionally traumatic and exhausting experience. Mediation, with its focus on each person’s needs and the future, offers a gentler, more efficient way through this time.