There is special pain and sense of loss when family members fight with each other.

Mission Statement

We know from personal and professional experience that divorce can be one of life’s most difficult transitions. Our goal is to give our clients the highest level of professional expertise, along with true compassion and empathy.

We seek to provide an environment in which clients can be fully heard and can do their best thinking. We work from the perspective that there is at least one elegant solution to every family conflict, and we encourage creativity in finding mutually beneficial solutions. Our process is a structured one that makes room for expression of feelings and keeps a focus on the decision-making tasks. We guide clients through mediation in a manner designed to minimize the financial and emotional harm of separation and divorce and to preserve (or repair) the ability of parents to cooperate as a parenting team over the long term.

We know that every client brings to mediation a unique background of experiences and traditions. We encourage clients to talk in mediation about their own traditions and values, and we believe that respect for our clients’ diversity is a strong foundation on which to build an effective mediation process.

John Spiegel

Carolyn Finney

Sarah Gallagher