Picking up the phone to inquire about our
services might feel like the hardest phone call you’ll ever make.
That's why we have Carolyn.

Carolyn Finney, M.A.


Making that phone call or clicking ‘send’ on your first email inquiry can take an act of real courage. But it’s also an opportunity to learn how to make things better for you and your family. Our office has supported hundreds of couples, but we never lose sight that, for many, separation and divorce is new and frightening territory.

So when you contact us, Carolyn will listen intently to your questions. She’ll ask you about your goals for your family and any concerns you might have. If helpful, she’ll walk you through the mediation process from beginning to end. She’ll describe how each meeting is tailored to your unique circumstances, and she’ll explain the built-in protections of mediation, as well as cost and timing. At the end of the call, she’ll encourage you to call back with more questions, because after you hang up, you will probably have more questions. That’s what we’re here for.

Carolyn is also available to co-mediate with John on client request. She earned a Specialization in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, and has extensive training and experience in mediation. But Carolyn asserts that her most valuable experience began the day she set foot in our office over ten years ago: “I came to this office with hundreds of hours of training and thought I was a good listener. Working with John and Donna made me realize I had only learned the tip of the iceberg.” Carolyn also says that her work as a family mediator has transformed how she talks to her three sons, her other most rewarding mediation training ground.

Carolyn’s advice for people curious about mediation

“Don’t wait for perfect clarity about what you want to accomplish before you call. Our job is to know what questions to ask so you can find your own clarity, in your own time, about what’s right for you and your family.”

  • Harvard Program on Negotiation, Specialization in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, M.A.
  • Duke University, B.A.
Specialized Mediation Training
  • Trauma-Informed Mediation
  • Mediating with High Conflict Individuals
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Advanced Elder/Adult Family Mediation
  • The Power of Apology
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

You can learn more about Carolyn’s work from the testimonials provided by our professional colleagues and our former clients.