We made this card for you

Hopefulness Gallery

Hope and beauty, waiting for you in a slender envelope. 

For ten years and counting, our clients and colleagues having been opening their mailboxes on a cold January day to discover a message of inspiration and encouragement at a time of year when many of us need it most. Our New Year’s cards give testimony to our belief in the ingenuity of our clients, and our wishes for a stronger and more resilient world. The effect is one of opening a small, richly colored storybook that unfolds, one panel after another, taking you on a journey of discovery and insight. These keepsake, custom-designed cards are a cherished tradition in our office and the product of a long-time creative collaboration between Carolyn Finney and Linda McKnight

Enjoy scrolling the full gallery here, and let us know if you’d like some hopefulness delivered to your mailbox for January 2024.