John Spiegel, J.D.
Mediator, Cherished Colleague
March 29, 1950 – December 14, 2023

We mourn the unexpected passing of our colleague John Spiegel, but are grateful that he left this world gently while doing the work he loved. It was John’s passion and his joy to support his clients and collaborate with esteemed colleagues to bring peace into the world, one mediation at a time. We’re deeply touched by the outpouring of thanks and remembrances from so many clients and colleagues, and share just a few of these below.

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“It was clear from our first meeting how much John cared for people.”


“John had such a kind and helpful soul. He helped so many people in his long career as a mediator. His laugh was a joy — so infectious it made everyone smile, even in tense situations.”


“John’s relentless positivity and seemingly boundless empathy had a profound effect on me. He helped us navigate a stressful time in our lives, and I’m just sad I won’t get to thank him for that.”


“He truly made a difference in people’s lives.”


“It was our great luck to find John. He made a difficult process feel like something we could approach with creativity and grace, and that it was fully possible to meet the needs of everyone in our family. I will always remember his good humor and his faith in us. May John’s memory be a blessing.”


“John’s never-ending compassion and understanding was truly an immeasurable comfort that will never be forgotten. I’m incredibly glad that I was able to share my gratitude with him on our last call.”


“He was a rare bird. I was so lucky to be his colleague.”


“He healed not only my legal situation but my personal pain . . . I never felt more heard, seen, or cared for than when I spoke to him. He saw the best in me and gave us the tools to move forward together. I hope he knows that we are OK now because of him. He did good work in this world and no doubt touched thousands of lives like he touched mine . . . I am wishing all who knew him comfort and peace.”


“For the last several years, John has been a strong and steady force in my life. His optimism, insight, and cheerfulness will always be treasured and missed.”


“. . .  a good, kind, and gentle man.”


Why choose mediation?

Mediation can save a tremendous amount of time and money. You make the decisions. It's a gift of peace you can give your children.


Why choose us?

Unlike most mediators, attorney John Spiegel mediates full time. We provide comprehensive divorce mediation services, including drafting your legal settlement agreement. Mediation is what we do, and it’s all we do!


Why do we mediate?

We believe that peace is better than strife for families and children, and we know from our daily experience that divorce can be handled with dignity and thoughtfulness.


How much does mediation cost?

Maryland divorce mediation typically costs 1/3 to 1/15 the amount of other divorce processes.


Does mediation work in complicated situations?

[Infidelity, High Conflict, Health Concerns, Special Needs, etc...]

It's in complicated situations that mediation can often save the most money, time, and emotional turmoil, as compared with litigation or attorney negotiations.


What are people saying about us?

"The Mediation Office of John Spiegel is the place our practice refers couples who need help navigating the conflicts and details of a separation in ways that leave everyone respected, heard and able to move forward in the healthiest way." (Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C)



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