You can be strong and fair and proud of how you manage the challenge of divorce.

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We are a DC and Maryland divorce mediation firm located in Montgomery County. Our mediator team (John Spiegel, Donna Duquette, and Carolyn Finney) can help you reach a divorce settlement that is financially responsible, emotionally sensitive, and legally binding.

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[We are now offering mediation via Zoom or conference call during the COVID-19 health crisis. Connecting is easy, we’re glad to assist with setting up the connection, and our clients are making excellent progress through these platforms. Please call our office mobile at 301-651-6529, or contact to learn more.]

And for some helpful coping suggestions, please see “Seven Suggestions for Divorced Parents during the COVID-19 Crisis” from the AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts)

Why choose mediation?

Mediation can save a tremendous amount of time and money. You make the decisions. It's a gift of peace you can give your children.


Why choose us?

Unlike most mediators, attorneys John Spiegel and Donna Duquette mediate full time. We provide comprehensive divorce mediation services, including drafting your legal settlement agreement. Mediation is what we do, and it’s all we do!


Why do we mediate?

We believe that peace is better than strife for families and children, and we know from our daily experience that divorce can be handled with dignity and thoughtfulness.


How much does mediation cost?

Maryland divorce mediation typically costs 1/3 to 1/15 the amount of other divorce processes.


Does mediation work in complicated situations?

[Infidelity, High Conflict, Health Concerns, and Special Needs]

Yes. It's in complicated situations that mediation can often save the most money, time, and emotional turmoil, as compared with litigation or attorney negotiations.


What are people saying about us?

"The Mediation Office of John Spiegel and Donna Duquette is the place our practice refers couples who need help navigating the conflicts and details of a separation in ways that leave everyone respected, heard and able to move forward in the healthiest way." (Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C)



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We serve clients living in Washington, DC and Maryland, including Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Potomac, Rockville, and Silver Spring.