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We know that separation and divorce and other family struggles can be some of life’s most difficult experiences. Mediation offers an effective and humane way to facilitate transitions and make plans for the future. We hope you will find our website to be a helpful introduction to the process and benefits of mediation.

Mediators providing cost-effective and compassionate mediation services for separation, divorce, and other family matters. Serving Maryland and Washington DC.

John Spiegel has worked exclusively as a mediator and mediation trainer since 1996. Prior to that, from 1985 to 1995, John worked as a practicing family law attorney. It was through his experiences in litigating family law cases that John became deeply committed to mediation because he saw that mediation provides a humane and effective alternative to litigation.
Donna Duquette is a mediator, attorney, and teacher. Her full-time mediation practice is devoted to mediation for separation and divorce and other family issues.
Carolyn Finney co-mediates with John and Donna and is also our Mediation Project Manager. She studied at the Harvard Program on Negotiation from 1992 to 1994, while working as an environmental lobbyist in Massachusetts. Carolyn has completed training in Conflict Coaching, as well as Adult Family Mediation. She received her M.A. from Johns Hopkins and her B.A. from Duke University. Providing family and divorce mediation. Serving Maryland and the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. • Offering the option of co-mediation.
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